A New Leaf Introduction


Using the links to the left, you can learn more about our company in the About Us. Compare our services to our competitors, visit the list of providers that we have worked with, and received great results with, find answers to common questions looking through our Frequently Asked Questions.

New Leaf Real Estate was formed by two guys who were frustrated with the “Full Service” business model. Recognizing a need in the community for a provider that is willing to pass on to the client the savings generated by efficiencies of the World Wide Web, we formed this opportunity… learn more in Our Company.

We have generated a comparison chart that is easy to read and understand, see the services offered and not offered by the various business models or companies. We have also included a page of those providers in the community, mortgage, inspection, title, that we have worked with, who are also committed to getting the results you want – closing on your home.

Our Frequently Asked Questions answer most of the common questions that we have encountered to this point. Have a look.

Do you have a question that is not listed? Call us. We will answer any question that you may have about us, our company, how much money you can save using us, or how we get you the results you want.