Our Company


New Leaf Real Estate was formed because of frustration with the typical “Full Service” business model of most real estate companies. The real estate industry is much more efficient today than it was 20 or 30 years ago. If we use those efficiencies to keep our overhead low, the savings can be passed along to our clients.

Passing on savings came about from several changes in the real estate industry. Buyers using the web, as opposed to the print, created two savings. The web is cheaper, better, more informative, easier to use and has the feature of being conveniently available. Industry studies show that over 90% of buyers use the web as their source of information for finding their new home. Buyers are better informed, can eliminate homes by looking at pictures on the web, and are more efficient to work with.

By restructuring the pricing, to more closely align with expenses also created a significant savings. Traditional agents, even the best, sell 1 of 3 or 4 of their listings. That means the one home that does sell, has to pay for the expenses of all those that did not sell. The one that sells pays for all of those that do not sell. The upfront fee of $475 covers those expenses that a listing generates. By having each listing pay those costs, the one that sells does not have to over pay to compensate. Everybody saves money. The small fee when your home does sell, is an incentive to keep your agent goals and your goals the same – your home selling.

We have been able to keep expenses low in other innovative ways, passing on even more savings to you, our client.

The focus of New Leaf Real Estate is to sell your home, save you $$$ and help you achieve your real estate goals.