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At New Leaf Real Estate, we believe part of our responsibility is to educate you, and provide the best options that we know of. We have two options for you as far as search is concerned. The best is a membership in ListingBook.

The next best is the search option on the left. You can choose to search all listings in the St. Louis Metro region.

ListingBook membership is free; we will provide you with a membership. The reason ListingBook is the best search engine to use is twofold. One is has the most search criteria that any site has that is available to the public. It has over 50 different criteria to filter your search results versus the standard four or five with most real estate sites. ListingBook will also give you SOLD information. Now you can look up what the house down the street sold for. Two, it is updated every 30 minutes, not the daily as are most sites. Simply ask us for a membership, we will send you a user name and password. As always, no obligation, no phone calls, service not salesmanship.

ListingBook Membership

If you would like a ListingBook membership, please fill out your information below and we will contact your shortly with a user name and password.