Contracts and Documents


New Leaf Real Estate’s licensed team will help you through the closing transaction.


Whether you find a buyer or we do, we will negotiate your sale, provide contracts and paperwork, and coordinate with the title company. Our documents are developed by our Association of Realtors, are somewhat complex, and have many provisions that protect both the buyer and seller. Our training on these documents and our experience working with buyers and sellers gives us insight into getting the sale closed. Making sure all
the facets of the contract are met, in a timely manner and as intended requires experience
and training. Your New Leaf agent can provide you with a sample contract at the listing
appointment to give you time to read it over, ask questions, and make the process easier
to understand.

Required disclosures:

There are several entities that require different levels of disclosures. Your agent will
go over these requirements, provide the paperwork and answer questions you may have as you fill them out. While some are required, some are encouraged, your agent will explain each, let you know who is behind the disclosure, and explain how it is in your best interest to provide the information.