The New Leaf Way


The New Leaf Way: $475 up front and 1/3 of 1% at closing

Saving money with New Leaf Real Estate does not mean a compromise on service. We are known for providing full-service representation from start to finish. Don’t sacrifice your hard-earned equity to an agent. We will sell your home faster while saving you money. And give you control of the sales process.

What we do for you.

1. Our Initial Meeting

Our initial meeting we will ask questions. We will meet in your home, allow us to see what it is you are asking us to sell, evaluate your home so we are in a position to answer questions, and offer advice if asked. We will suggest a strategy, offer and explain a comparative market analysis (CMA) suggest a price, and explain our marketing plan for your home. We will take pictures; complete the listing paperwork, contract, MLS data sheets, etc. We will place a sign in your yard, and offer a list of services that you can choose to use or choose to not to use. We will point out our web site and its unique offerings. When we leave your home, you and your New Leaf agent will have plotted the track to get your home sold, and know what each are doing to meet that goal.

2. Listing Your Home

Once we leave you home, we immediately begin the process of selling your home. We immediately submit your data to the MLS, upload your pictures, and begin the process of distribution to other web sites. National Association Of Realtors reports that over 90% of buyers are relying on the internet for their search method. Currently, the NAR site, is the most used site. We enhance your listing on to make it stand out, draw attention to your home, and present it with all of its photos to buyers in the most favorable way.

3. Show your home

You have two basic options for having your home shown. You may show it to buyers that you attract, via open houses, or your own advertising, and save the agent fee you agreed to pay ( 2.7 to 3.0 %) or an agent will show your home. We will show your home as an agent, for no additional fees, when you are not able to show it. Please coordinate this option in advance with your agent.

Many times when an agent shows your home, there is little warning that they are coming. The normal warning is two to four hours. You can expect a range as little as they are sitting in front of your home when they call, to 24 hours. We provide a lockbox for your convenience and you may upgrade it to a supra lock, for a small fee.

4. When the home sells.

When a buyer has been identified, we will help you with all the necessary paperwork, negotiations, and closing, regardless if you find the buyer or we do. Our experience in negotiating home sales and processing paperwork is your ace in the hole. We work hard to get you the highest possible price, best terms, and easiest closing that we can. We make sure all the terms of the contract are being followed, both your requirements, as well as the buyers requirements. We coordinate all requirements to the Title company, answer their questions, and make the closing a stress free meeting to sign documents and receive your check.